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Crash Debris has a forum!!  It is called Feedback.  Do not hesitate to stop by, ask
questions, leave comments, or find out what I am currently working on.  

Wingnuts!!!  What the frell are "Wingnuts", you ask?  Wingnuts are sort of the literary
equivalent of a commentary.  It is the writer (me) talking about things like the genesis of a story,
what motivated me to include certain scenes, or problems I ran into while writing the story.  Some
Wingnuts (just a few) include deleted scenes.  To find out more about Wingnuts, stop by the
Fanfiction Index, look for the little wingnut icons located to the right of some of the titles, and click
on one.

I can never say this often enough.  Thank you for reading, and for stopping by the site.  
Farscape Episode 3.16
"Revenging Angel"
10/23 Fanfiction: Every-
one please welcome a
brief but pleasantly fluffy
little story to the
website.  It is called
Siren's Song, and it is a
response to the 66th
Starburst Challenge.

9/13 Fanfiction:  A new
story for another Terra
Firma Starburst Chal-
lenge has been added.  
It is relatively short
(2200 words).  I hope
you enjoy

12/23 Fanfiction: There
is a new, IMPROVED
version of
Child of the
available!!!  The
Printer Friendly version
has been updated as
well.  Stop by the page
for the story in order to
find out what has been

Let's start with the basics.  You are probably already asking ...

"What is a 'Crash Debris' and why is it taking up space on the Internet?"  

First and foremost, Crash Debris is
the final resting place for my Farscape fanfiction.

Beyond that, it is nothing more than a place for me to stash all sorts of stuff
that interests me.  In simplest terms, it is my personal junk pile.

If you have stumbled in here by accident, you will find that the site is heavily oriented toward
a television show called 'Farscape'.  At some point in the future, Crash Debris may or may not
shift its focus.  (If you're smart, you will put your money on "may not".)  

So until such time as I get a brain transplant, this site will be dominated by black leather,
pulse weapons, leviathans, drannits, "Prepare for immediate starburst", budongs, evil
scarran half-breeds, helium-farting hynerians and all things Farscape related.  

But this site revolves around the 'mental wanderings' of my oft-times demented psyche,
so you will stumble across various pages devoted to the other things that I enjoy in life:   
skiing, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, aviation, my two attack-cats,
woodworking, life in Vermont, life in an air traffic control tower ... and SCAPERS!!!!  
("Oh brother," the non-Scapers sigh, "we're back to that again!")

The "
Mushroom Patch" is a pseudo-blog of sorts.  If you would like to reply to any of the
blather that I have posted there, stop in at Crash Debris' forum, called
and leave a comment.  Same goes if you have a question or comment about anything
on this site, or simply wish to speak your mind.  

Wander around, explore, read, snoop, and most of all ... ENJOY!!
Terra Firma Meetup
Burbank 2006
The characters, universe, and unique vision of Farscape are the property of the Henson Co.
This is not an officially sanctioned or authorized site, and I have no connection with
the wonderfully imaginative and talented people who created Farscape.  

In addition ... I have snagged a huge number of pictures from all over the internet.  
I have made a valiant effort to avoid using anything that belongs to anyone else.  If, despite that effort, you spot
something that is an unacknowledged or unauthorized product of your own efforts, I implore you to contact me
and I will either remove the image, or give you full credit for the photography -- whichever you prefer.
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Crash Debris
May the light always find you on a dreary day.
When you need to be home, may you find a way.
May you always have courage to take a chance.
And never find frogs in your underpants.
Do Not Overlook ...
A Scandanavian 'prayer'; circa 1200